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Dec 30

The story about Richard Armitage personal life

This is short story about Richard Armitage personal life. Check it out!

The Hobbit adventure

For most of the world known as star of the newest blockbuster The Hobbit, sequel of one of the most popular movies ever made (Lord of the rings), this man has gone a long path from being just another actor to real Hollywood star. He plays the main role in The Hobbit (trilogy). His role is Thorin Oakenshield, the prince of dwarfs who wants to fight back and return his throne taken by a dragon. This is his biggest role and it seem that this fellow is going from success to success. I surely wonder what will be his next big role …

Richard Armitage personal life

Education and early life

Back in 71’ of the 20th century, begins Richard Armitage personal life. First let’s mention that he is an Englishman although you could have told it just by looking at his posture when on red carpet and his accent during the interviews. Nevertheless, he is indeed great actor, which he proved in many movies so far. His career at first was directioned towards music, not films. Richard has a degree in music and English language, which he earned showing his talent on Pattison College, in his home country’s town of Coventry. His passion for arts never stopped and he first had some minor roles, but as far as we know and what counts the most is his first big appearance in the BBC’s North and South where he was playing the role of John Thornton. This role was a huge hit and fans started appreciating his acting abilities. That is why many directors were rushing down for his signature for their movies. Than another big role appearance was in BBC’s Spooks.

From dust to stars

These days a lot of dust has been lifted in the air about Richard Armitage personal life. I am sure many of you girls are interested to find out if he is in love. Sorry, I am going to have to disappoint you. His wife is Annabel Capper and it seems they are truly in love. Though stories were circulating (so common when it is about fresh Hollywood stars) that he is single, but you should not listen to them. You have to know one thing about this classy man. He is really loyal and the kind of guy every woman wants for a husband. He is successful, he acts greatly and loves his wife; is there any better?

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