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Dec 28

Richard Armitage girlfriend 2015

After watching The Hobbit and North & South, it’s not a surprise that many women would love to get the chance to be the next Richard Armitage girlfriend 2015. He’s gorgeous, a great actor and has a great personality to go with it – you could say that he’s a real catch! A lot of women came to the theatre just because of him, to see him act in the films that they either no so much about or don’t know anything at all. All this leads to one simple conclusion – he has a large fan base! Speaking of which let’s talk a little about fan bases regarding Richard Armitage girlfriend. They really have a huge impact on someone’s career – or, should i say, they can have quite a huge impact. But even if it still depends on the celebrity whether his fans and admirers will go to his head or not there’s still an important thing to mention regarding how desperate the fans can be to get some information about a certain celebrity and what types of fans can you see, find and meet out there?

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Who is Richard Armitage girlfriend 2015?

First of all let’s talk about the fans that are not quite into knowing all there is to know about such things as Richard Armitage girlfriend 2015 or more about the person’s lifestyle. They often skip the news about their girlfriends, boyfriends, their marriage and similar news and tend to focus more on what they do and what they did to achieve all of their popularity. (more…)

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Dec 12

Does Richard Armitage have a girlfriend is something people want to know

When you’re insanely popular it’s a quite normal, expected and interesting thing for fans to want to know more about you and your personal life. For example, there is undoubtedly a large number of fans out there that are all wondering and asking themselves, as well as searching on the internet for the same thing – does Richard Armitage have a girlfriend and who is Richard Armitage girlfriend or is he single? To put it simply, if he does have a girlfriend – he’s hiding it pretty well. Which brings me to another important question that needs to be answered – Is it really that big of a deal if people find out who you’re dating? Why would it be and why wouldn’t it?

Richard Armitage

Why it would

First of all let me point out that these are not all of the reasons why it would be a big deal if people started telling everybody, including the media who they’re currently dating so knowing who is Richard Armitage girlfriend shouldn’t be that difficult. Now we can begin and the first thing i would like to tell you is that there are a lot of celebrities that have a problem with this and consider it an invasion of privacy. Even the fact that people wonder does Richard Armitage have a girlfriend would cause problems to both him and his girlfriend. (more…)

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