Mar 10

Richard Armitage love life is quite a mistery


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Are you ready for the interesting news about Richard Armitage love life? Are you ready to know more about his previous girfriends and the experience he had when he was in serious relationship? You are on the right place because we will give you everything you need, we will give you everything you just want because this place is only here for the stories about gossips, romances and this famous actor!

Richard Armitage girlfriend has a question mark, is he sure he does not have feelings towards his previous girlfriend?

If you think you are ready to bring the excitement in your career as you worked before, we will give you another topic which will be even better from everything you have read before, we will give you all the details about Richard Armitage love life, including the story about Annabel Cooper. His career was always interesting and was always something most of the people wanted to live and have, he comes from the family which prefers very old system of values, his family was very traditional so you would never see him with a person who is nothing like him in that point of view. Read More »

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Mar 10

Richard Armitage girlfriend 2014

Richard Armitage, a great actor but also very handsome attracts the attention of women, and the main question is: “Who is his girlfriend?” It is obvious that many girls and women want to know many information’s from his personal life and also love life. Even if he played in movies such as “Robin Hood”, then “Captain America”, after role in “The Hobbit,” his popularity become enormous, and so this handsome English actor become very interesting for women.  So, do we know for real who Richard Armitage girlfriend 2014 is? Does she exist? How she look like? These and many other questions interest all women that are following his career.

The truth is Richard Armitage seems to hide his private life. Even if he choose public career as an actor, he try to keep his life far from public eyes. This may sound strange, but his attitude toward this is that acting is his job, and at the end of day he wants to have a normal life behind the scene. Because of all of this, there are many speculations about his love life and his relationships. But, does he really have to talk about that? Well, in my opinion, not talking about your personal life in public, about your relationship does not mean that you do not have one. On the other side, when you are a famous actor with a many female fans, there is nothing bad in saying whether you are in relationship or not. Telling about details is something else.

In many articles about him, you can find information who is Richard Armitage girlfriend 2014. He is in love with Annabel Capper, also an English actress. For all this time, she was the only woman known as his girlfriend. They met long time ago, and lived together according to rumors. We can for sure say that they are very close friends who support each other, but is she Richard Armitage girlfriend 2014, we cannot say for sure.

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Mar 09

Richard Armitage 2014

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What is new for Richard Armitage 2014? We will do our best to inform you about all news we know about this actor for this year. So, let’s start.

New year 2014 brings news about his work. Is he going to preform Hamlet? Well if we look back on his career, we can certainly say that he has a pretty good experience of playing Shakespeare, even if he gets his popularity acting in Hobbit movies, and also in Robin Hood. This modern version of Hamlet gives him a chance to demonstrate his skills as a great actor. I hope that we can expect many pleasant surprises from him.

Into the storm is a new film where he is going to play a widowed father and a teacher. The story is about students in a high school who are caught in tornado, and he is trying to rescue his son. Richard Armitage 2014 film “Into the storm” is set for August 8th, and we are looking forward to see this movie.

Richard Armitage

Here is the news for fans of Hobbit. On April 8th The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug is going to be set on Blu-Ray and DVD.

But what about rumors says about this great actor?

At the beginning of this year, there were some photos and articles that Rich and Lee Pace are together. The best gossip ever or this can be truth? There were some pictures that show them together on a family dinner and also in a golf car while they were driving with children. As we know, they are working on a movie, and that is the reason they spent time together. Everything else, if you ask us is just one of the best gossip of Richard Armitage 2014. It is up to you to decide will you believe in this or not.

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